Clix Training Map Review

If you’re looking for Clix Training Map, you’re in the right place.

Landing page? Check.

Offer? Check.

Traffic? Check.

Click tracking? Uhh …

Getting more subscribers and making sales is excellent. Nevertheless, understanding how your traffic is interacting with your offers is maybe how you can really make the most profits and take your business to the next level.

Click tracking enables you to accurately evaluate price points, payment methods, sales copy, page design, and numerous other facto and surpasses free analytical tools.

Paradoxically, click tracking service is normally among those things you don’t know you need up until you really start using it.

So in this Clixtrac review, we’ll be having a look at this click tracking solution with a variety of effective tools to assist you to increase your conversions.


Clixtrac Summary

Clix Training Map

ClixTrac is a free tracking through which you can keep track of the number of individuals that view and click on your banner images and links. This allows you to tweak your marketing and figure out which placements produce the very best results. You’ll likewise see which banners are performing poorly and should be changed.

Why You Need To Track Your Results


Not tracking your results leaves you unaware of what’s really going on with those ads. Clixtrac permits you to track all your day-to-day banner views and click-through rates. Their tracking system can also determine the IP address and referrers for the click-throughs, so you will understand the number of of them were unique and the number of were repeat visitors and their location.


Not just does Clixtrac offer you more control, power, and liberty, it can save you a substantial quantity of time and loads of money! You can utilize it to test various affiliate offers versus each other and examine which offers make the most money for you from your traffic and so on.


Clix Training Map

Change Links Dynamically


If you are an affiliate marketer, you do not want to put in a lot of time and effort into marketing something, only to have all of your links end up being out-of-date and flushed down the drain when a sponsor terminates their affiliate program or makes changes to their website that causes your conversion rate to plunge. Now, all you have to do is log in to your Clixtrac Control Panel and change those outdated|dated links dynamically, and the traffic will be directed to your brand-new affiliate program within an instant.

Their service is useful for webmasters that have more than one site to run. With the help of ClixTrac, you can now have one control panel to track and update banners and links that remain in use on multiple websites!




Their tracking service is totally complimentary! Be it an affiliate marketer, an expert webmaster, or an Internet rookie who’s only seeking to track banners and links on their social networking page or blog, this is a totally free service and one that many individuals find extremely valuable.

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Clixtrac Features and Advantages

Clix Training Map

With Clixtrac, you can:

  • Split-test traffic to various landing pages to determine which page converts the best and has the highest ROI;
  • Utilize a custom domain for your tracking links and ads and they’ll host it free of cost;
  • Use rotators to make various banners and text ads show each time your webpage loads;
  • Pass custom variables such as email addresses, Sub IDs or online search engine keywords;
  • Export your stats into a CSV file;
  • Share an ad’s statistics with an advertiser or customer by supplying them with an encrypted link;
  • Reset statistics at any time you like;
  • Monitor conversions, in order to understand which ads are resulting in sales or other revenue;
  • Have access to optional daily, weekly or month-to-month e-mail reports containing your stats;
  • Have access to a user friendly control panel;
  • Manage your advertisements and campaigns from any desktop computer with Internet access;
  • Be free from the hassle of downloading or installing software application and having scripts or databases to set up;
  • Secure your affiliate links by cloaking them;
  • Create free viral traffic with a built-in, optional, sharing and bookmark function;
  • Edit your text advertisements, banner images, and destination URLs dynamically;
  • Replace outdated banner advertisements and affiliate links dynamically;
  • Use it for simple URL redirection;
  • Monitor how many times your software, eBooks, or reports are downloaded;
  • Monitor clicks on any hyperlink that you post anywhere online;
  • Track clicks and impressions in real-time on banners and other images;
  • Track clicks on links in your e-mails, e-zines or newsletters;
  • Track all your affiliate links to make certain you use the very best performing ads;
  • Track links to external websites and services;
  • Track clicks on links from JV partners and links in your published articles and news release;
  • Save on a lot of time, cash and effort by comparing banner advertisements to determine which ones have the best performance;
  • Group links and banner ads together in campaigns;
  • View daily data revealing advertisement impressions, clicks and click-through rates (CTR) along with IPs and referrers for all clicks;
  • See the number of times an IP clicks on your ad each day and the number of times that IP has actually clicked over the past 90 days.

Drawbacks of Clixtrac


  • Although utilizing a custom domain is completely optional and Clixtrac hosts your custom domain name for free, the domain can just be utilized for your trackers, not for file access or for hosting a website.
  • Their control panel utilizes session cookies to permit you to stay logged in for a specific time period. If you remain idle for an extended period of time, you might be logged back out.
  • There are limitations on free accounts. Each campaign will expire seven days after it is created and will need to be replaced. All campaigns are restricted to a hundred clicks each, and banners will have a limit of 500 impressions each. These restrictions can only be removed by upgrading to either a premium or a professional account.
  • Although Clixtrac can be utilized to track links on Flash banners, you may need to go through the hassle of modifying that banner utilizing your Flash software considering that the location URL for a Flash/swf banner is integrated in the Flash object’s source code during design time. Just then you ‘d have the ability to change the embedded click URL with the new click tracking URL that their system creates for that banner.
  • • It has a slight learning curve
  • There could be potential conflicts when establishing a custom domain
  • Content tools depend on traditional text/HTML editor
  • There is no live chat support


Clixtrac versus Google Analytics


What’s the point of using click tracking services anyway? Can’t you get all that these services offer with a recognized platform like Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an incredible tool, and the fact that it’s free is nearly incredible, provided the amount of data you can receive from it.

But, if you want to get super-granular, and super-precise with your information down to the banners you are using, Google Analytics may not serve your purpose.

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Final Verdict

Clix Training Map

If you do any marketing online, then you need a good tracking service like Clixtrac. It’s important to understand where your clicks originate from, and which of these are assisting in increasing sales.

Because as soon as you have this information, you will know what’s producing results and what’s not, and you can update your marketing efforts accordingly to make even more sales.

It allows you to enhance ALL your traffic, and thus almost ensuring higher conversions and earnings.

When it concerns tracking software application, you want to be particular that what you’re utilizing is the best.

There is a good deal of distinction in between suppliers regarding the general functionality and functionality of the service.

If you have not utilized numerous tracking services yet, attempt your luck with Clixtrac and fight test the item during that duration.

Truthfully, though, we think you’ll end up choosing Clixtrac.

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